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2014 Q4 Market Commentary
2014 Q3 Market Commentary
2014 Q2 Market Commentary
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2013 Q3 Market Commentary
2013 Q4 Market Commentary
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Fiscal Cliff Compromise & 2013 Limits
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Wall Street Week Interview with Chuck Thoele-Password is Chuck

Wall Street Week Interview with Chuck Thoele-Password is Chuck
2010 Investment Market Review
2010 Q3 Commentary - Complete
2010 Q3 Question - Are municipal bonds a safe investment?
2010 Q3 Question - How did diversified portfolios perform during the lost decade?
2010 Q3 Question - How did RGT weather financial the crisis as a firm?
2010 Q3 Question - How is RGT positioning client portfolios to deal with current market and economic risks?
2010 Q3 Question - What are the investment risks associated with a low interest rate environment?
2010 Q3 Question - What changes has RGT made in how client portfolios are managed in light of the financial crisis?
2010 Q3 Question - What risks are investors facing in the current economic environment?
2010 Q2 Commentary - Complete
2010 Q1 Commentary